Shellshock bash vulnerability

Over the past week, two related security issues affecting the popular bash shell were widely reported. The bash shell is a standard component of most Linux hosts, and is broadly used within the Linux community, including on many ENOISE servers. We immediately reviewed the security issues (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169), and were able to determine that … Read more

New .UK domains

As a UK based web hosting provider, we are happy to announce that we are now offering the brand new .uk domains. We offer .uk domains for FREE when included as part of a shared hosting package, with the exception of the “Starter” plan, which does not include domain registration. If you already own a … Read more

The infamous Heartbleed bug

Over the last couple of days a serious bug in the OpenSSL library has made headlines around the world. The reason for this software bug to attract so much attention is that it lies at the core of many of the components that make up the secure networks we rely on every day, affecting encryption … Read more

Update on registrant verification process

As of January 1, 2014, ICANN requires all accredited registrars to verify their contact information. As a domain name registration provider, we are required to verify domain owner’s admin contact email addresses. This verification process gets automatically triggered when a domain name’s WHOIS admin contact is changed or if emails sent to the address on … Read more

Where did we meet?

“Why, hello there. Do you come here often?” First meetings are sometimes a bit awkward .. but then there are others you’d like to never forget. We’re actually hoping to meet some more people just like you lot, so we’re trying to recall where we’ve been, and which places where best for finding you. We … Read more

ENOISE is new now

As promised, ENOISE now boasts a shiny new clients site! The new ENOISE dashboard Thanks to a valiant development effort by our main wizard, Lupo Montero, the entire clients site was rebuilt from scratch. Lots of coffee was harmed during this process. You can see the front-facing part of it (tip of the ice-berg), if … Read more

New domains! (TLDs) .pe and .se

Two new top-level domains are now available for registration via ENOISE! These are .se and .pe. Prompted by our newly established (official) presence in Peru, and the overhaul of our own sites landing us on a .se domain; it all makes sense. We’ve been in Peru .. for a while now. 66% of ENOISE speaks … Read more

Important update for WordPress and Joomla users

Over the past 3 weeks we have experienced a massive DDoS attack that is specifically targeting WordPress installations on shared hosting platforms. Our data centre guys have been (and still are) working hard to mitigate this attack. In order to do so, some “exceptional” security measures have been rolled out to protect our customers sites … Read more

A brand new ENOISE

For some time now we have been announcing changes, big changes. First we changed our logo and blog, then we updated our hosting control panel, and now we are putting the final touches to our brand new public facing website! We are really excited to take this step forward. This allows us to evolve more … Read more